Unlocking DOORS - Unlocking doors to reduce recidivism

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying …

  • Anthony White

    Unlocking DOORS helped me understand what my strengths and weaknesses were and how to handle my problems differently.They assisted me in finding a job. In the end, I felt like a better person and a part of some- thing good. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help getting back into society.

  • Pamela Bryant

    I met Mrs.Crain while incarcerated.She spoke of the Unlocking DOORS Program, a reentry program to help offenders once they are released.After trying everything the streets had to offer, I said,“Why not give Unlocking DOORS a try?” So here I am, Unlocking DOORS in my life to reduce recidivism.

  • Kevin Dunn

    The people at Unlocking DOORS were very nice and interested in assisting me to reenter society.They were very helpful and are continuing to provide me with positive support.

  • Veronique Dunmore

    I came from the Crain Unit and officially met Christina Melton Crain and her staff at Unlocking DOORS.They helped me find a job and even assisted me with apparel for the job. They’re very nice and helpful. I highly recommend their service to anyone who wants the next step in moving forward in life.