Unlocking DOORS - Unlocking doors to reduce recidivism


Este programa ayuda a los presidiarios en Texas a volver a empezar luego de varios años de condena

La organización 'Unlocking Doors' trabaja para que los exconvictos puedan reintegrarse a la sociedad, conseguir un empleo y un hogar, y no regresen nunca a una cárcel.

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The Bloody Life of a Female Inmate

A group documentary about the inaccessibility of sanitary products to female inmates.

Former Inmates Finding Work with Help of Dallas Attorney

A Dallas nonprofit is trying to reduce recidivism in the state by helping former inmates find resources and work out of prison.

Faith-Based Prison Dorm Setting Women 'Free' (cbn.com)

Volunteers at a prison are seeing the most hardened criminals be transformed into God-fearing, faithful followers of Jesus Christ... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

Shon L. Griggs — Back to Da Block: Still Living Good

Shon L. Griggs was a major drug dealer sentenced to 18 years in a federal prison, who after saving the lives of prison staff during a riot, earned an early release. To discourage others from repeating his mistakes, Griggs produced a spoken word DVD "Back to Da Block: Still Living Good", where he shares his experience and insight with those who may be on a similarly dangerous path and encourages better life choices.

Part one of his nine part series is below. You can see more of the series here or on Shon's YouTube channel here.